democracia racial
Ivan Rodrigues

In my view, in the 21st century, after 133 years of the Abolition of Slavery in Brazil, the explanation of why the low rate of blacks in Brazilian politics, in addition to prejudice, racism and discrimination, the main point is directly linked to the black person who sees himself represented in the white figure.

I ask all blacks (a) what current candidates for elected office have to do with our history, culture and political agenda? What disability did blacks acquire, after abolition, that makes them see themselves white in the bathroom mirror?

The removal of the evildoer’s whip from their bodies did not make them free, they became slaves of social programs, the new and modern mode of imprisoning their dignity and capacity for change, an instrument that improves with each new change of government.

That in 2022, 2026, 2030… election years, my black brothers, who still remain slaves in their minds, can free themselves and elected black brothers and sisters in power, as a way to demonstrate that you really are free.

Blacks, why is our politics so white?