Mohammed Saydul Isalm. Photo: S&DS portal

When in 2015, Mohammed Saydul Isalm, aged 26, left Bangladesh for Brazil, a country that he heard a lot about in the Indian media, his desire to just get to know the “country of football” became immediate identification as his future home.

Mohammed reports that before he lived and worked in Dubai for three years, when he decided to take the plane and head to the city of São Paulo.

After a short period in SP, he went to Paraná, where he confirmed his desire to live in Brazil.

Saydul with a tourist visa, reports that during this period, he decided to seek the Federal Police to extend his stay and obtain authorization to work.

Although he has relatives in the United States, in the cities of New York and Michigan, where a cousin has lived for more than 50 years, Saydul intends to stay here and thinks about bringing his parents who are in his homeland.

“Brazil is a safe, peaceful, peaceful country, people are respectful and lively. There are opportunities, I managed to open my company and work around here ”, says Saydul.

Difficult days There are always those who want to take advantage of the situation to gain an advantage over good people. And with Mohammed, it was no different.

“Bad people, approached me and pressed me for bribes when I worked on the street selling at Riacho Fundo I. Various types of people, including the government.” Mohammed’s establishment.

Mohammed’s establishment. Photo: S&DS portal

When he left Paraná for the city of Riacho Fundo I, in the Federal District, in the capital of Brazil, Mohammed worked selling fruits and vegetables under the shade of a large tree, next to what would later be his shop, known as Sacolão do Indiano .

Saydul says that there were also good people who helped him on this journey. One of these people even gave him his own bed to sleep in when he didn’t have one.

“I will always remember everyone who helped me. I am grateful to God for putting these people by my side, ”concludes Mohammed Saydul.

Another bag in the center of Riacho Fundo I. Photo: S&DS portal

Like Mohammed, several families of Muslim Muslims today live in Riacho Fundo I, where they have businesses and generate jobs and income. Currently, only 5,000 Indians live in Brazil.

Main activity of Indians in the city. Photo: S&DS portal
Indian family trade. Photo: S&DS portal

What is currently happening in India?

Narendra Modi, a divisive leader in India, of the Hindu Nationalist Party Bharatiya Janata (BJP), passed a new law “for those who face years of persecution abroad and have nowhere to go except India”.

It turns out that critics say the law is exclusive, part of a negative agenda to marginalize Muslims and violate the secular principles enshrined in its constitution. According to scholars of this Indian Constitution, faith cannot be used for criteria of citizenship and caste privileges.