Prayer against Covid-19 and denialism

Por: Ivan Rodrigues

View of Brazilian mural artist Eduardo Kobra’s recent work “Coexistence” -which shows children wearing face masks due to the new coronavirus, COVID-19, bearing symbols of different religions (L to R) Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism- in Itu, some 100 km from Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 25, 2020. (Photo by NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP)

With the physical and mental health shaken, added to the low salaries with a stressful workload and feeling of lack of support from public policies, with hope of normality that was lost, associated with denialism, health professionals are left to pray or desert the field of battle against Covid-19.

“We are soldiers dropped at the front of the battle. The feeling of loneliness is very strong”, Raquel Arraes, a nurse who left the profession.


You who are without vaccination! Protect your bodies.

Immunization come to you; whether three or four doses, as in Brazil as in Haiti.

Give us today less rejection of the immunizers of each day.

Forgive the deniers as well as their followers.

And don’t let us hate them, but deliver us from the new coronavirus and its variants.