OPINION | With Joe Biden’s death, Kamala Harris could be the first woman in US history to take over the White House

Por: Ivan Rodrigues

Senator Kamala Harris

The White House was never headed by a woman. Since its independence in 1776, the country has always been run by 45 male presidents.

Hillary Clinton almost subverted the current dominant logic in the 2016 elections, when she lost to Donald Trump in the November election. Hillary was the first woman to run for president.

Only in 1920 did voting become a right for women in all American states.

Senator Kamala Harris, California, was chosen by Biden, who had promised to have a woman as his deputy.

Is it possible that the White House is finally headed by a woman? Yes. Depending on two factors: that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will win; and that, Biden, ironically, fate will die.

* Even when they run for president, women tend to face more difficulties than men.