Ministry of Health: it is #FAKE that there is the spread of the new Coronavirus directly by sex

Por: Ivan Rodrigues

March 16, 2020

Health & Social Rights Writing

Coronavírus, Codi 19,

Information is circulating on social networks and WhatsApp that the new coronavirus is being transmitted by sex.

“I received information that I can get coronavirus through sex without a condom. It is true?” Andreia Barreto to the ‘Health Without Fake News’ of the Ministry of Health.

Ministry of Health

The transmission of coronaviruses usually occurs through the air or through personal contact with contaminated secretions, such as:

droplets of saliva;




close personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands;

contact with contaminated objects or surfaces, followed by contact with the mouth, nose or eyes.

Coronaviruses show less intense transmission than the influenza virus and, therefore, indicate less of a large worldwide circulation.

The Ministry of Health provides basic care to reduce the overall risk of contracting or transmitting acute respiratory infections, including the new coronavirus. Among the measures are:

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Or, clean with 70% alcohol gel.

Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or WITH YOUR ARM (not your hands!) When you cough or sneeze.

Avoid close contact with people who have a cold or who have flu-like symptoms.

When you’re sick, stay home.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your unwashed hands.

Do not share personal items (such as cutlery, towels, plates and glasses).

Avoid crowds and keep environments ventilated.

Remember that sex without a condom makes you fit for having other Sexually Transmitted Infections.