Leaked! Here comes the disposable cell phone for ballads

Por: Ivan Rodrigues

23 de Fevereiro de 2020 – February 23, 2020

Website writing

Nacho Doce/Reuters

In this universe of joy the only ones, among thousands of participants, who are free to have their cell phones stolen, are those who are in the boxes or on top of the electric trio.

Unfortunately, the worst situations tend to generate good business. So it is with war, misery, with crime, which in fact; the latter is the inspiration for companies in the cell phone business to begin the bold project of developing this future product.

Based on the theft of cell phones worldwide that began the race among some companies to develop the disposable cell phone.

There is still no explicit information about the project, but it has already been leaked that the idea creation phase of the product was well accepted between two companies.

It will be a product for those who enjoy the so-called “ballads” – Carnival, Micareta, Rave… – and do not detach from their cell phones to guarantee that video or photo on their networks, but who are held hostage by the bandits who have increasingly sought to steal from device.