Did you know that your knee can show someone’s face?

Por: Ivan Rodrigues

Perhaps you never realized and there is no logical, scientific explanation for what happened, although many believe that there is a mystical connection, that sooner or later your knee will demonstrate the image of someone close or distant to your existence.

It occurred to Amanda Holden, co-star of Britain’s Got Talent, 50, revealing what appeared to be Simon Cowell’s sullen face on her knee.

Amanda Holden on her way to her London radio show. Credit: Splash News
Simon Cowell on Holden’s knee

Simon in his kneecap (knee) looked like the X Factor boss has just been subjected to a performance he didn’t like.

Maria Cecília Rocha’s sister, who died at 36, Lúcia Rocha, told the S & DS portal that her sister happened to notice her father’s image on her knee, also deceased, two years before she died.

“It was very strange and it still remains strange for me! We went out to buy shoes, when at the store, my sister tried on a pair that she really liked, and, when she went to the mirror in order to see how they looked, she ended up with the image of our deceased father on her left knee. We were very impressed and we cried together at the store. The salesman didn’t know what to do or say. ”