Infiltrated in the Vatican | Pope Francis names first black cardinal Wilton Gregory

Por: Ivan Rodrigues

By Ivan Rodrigues – S&DS

Brasilia – October 26, 2020

Pope Francis

This one who writes is almost ready to return to the Catholic Church.

On Sunday, October 25, Pope Francis announced that he will appoint 13 new cardinals. Nine of them are under the age of 80 and will be eligible to enter a conclave to choose their successor after their death or resignation.

Nine of them are under 80, including Bishop Wilton Gregory, archbishop of Washington, who will be eligible to enter a conclave to choose the pope’s successor after his death or resignation.

The point – anti Ku Klux Klan – that has attracted the attention of all of us blacks in the world is the appointment of Cardinal the Archbishop of Washington, Wilton Gregory, the first black in the United States to be named Cardinal. The announcement was made from his window overlooking St. Peter’s Square.

North American Archbishop Wilton Gregory. Photo: Archdiocese of Atlanta

The new cardinals will be elevated to the upper echelon in a ceremony known as a consistory at the Vatican on November 28, the last Saturday of the month.

The 13 names came from all over the world and there is growing speculation that the next pope may be the first black in the history of the Catholic church.

In a documentary, on 10/21, the pope became world news for showing support for same-sex civil unions.