False inspiration of the author

  “… I remember being inside the bank, the commercial sector in the south, around 12pm, so grab a few bucks, along with my wife.
When a group of 06 armed police entered the appropriate agency and pointed their weapons towards us, shouting demands that I lifted the shirt.
People who were around us, scared, I quickly began to pull away.
I asked the police what was happening and again at
cries responded to lift his shirt, “- lift the shirt! lift your shirt”, and hile a crowd of onlookers watched it all from outside the agency.
I quickly reminded of my status as a citizen living in a black racist country.
I asked once more to police what was happening and again responded to “take the shirt, lift up your shirt!” were his words.
My mind begins to project the outcome, run towards the police, in self-defense, shooting at another statistic of color.
My wife started to cry, sensing my reaction.
Bleeding into tears on the inside, I decided to fulfill your order and lifted the shirt of shame.            
I was led to the police station, before the eyes of hundreds of spectators would not ever be a footballer or pagodeiros, adjectives success of blacks in Brazil who won, shameful beloved homeland Brazil.
In 1968, in Memphis, Martin Luther King was assassinated, the great leader of the civil rights of blacks in America.
In his tomb were inscribed the words “Spiritual” he often quoted:
“Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I’m free at last.”
If I, is shot by police followers of the ideals of “Bull Connor” – will be free, will be finally free, thanks to Almighty God.   
Photo by arosadocel – flickr