Bolsonaro will not take any vaccine against Covid-19

Por: Ivan Rodrigues

Jair Bolsonaro defends the use of hydroxychloroquine

President Jair Bolsonaro himself is said to have told aides close to him, at the Planalto Palace, “that it is out of the question to submit to the coronavirus vaccine,” said the source.

According to the source, the president also said: “Anyone who wants to get the vaccine in front of the cameras should do it; don’t have it with me, no! ” World leaders – Boris Johnson, Joe Biden – and former leaders – Obama, Bush and Clinton – have already declared that they are going to get the vaccine on camera with the aim of increasing their populations’ confidence in the immunizer.

08/31 – Bolsonaro: “no one can force anyone to get a vaccine” in response to a supporter who asked the federal government to ban vaccination against COVID-19.

The Covid-19 Invacinees

How many of your 6.6m Followers on Twitter and Facebook followers 13,756,512 reject be vaccinated, as well as Bolsonaro?