InfomedApp Health Waze – Health Maps

Por: Ivan Rodrigues

The InfomedApp application is already providing health information in real time to SUS users, the pilot project started in Brasilia, and is expanding to all regions of the country.
The first health units to receive the technology were the Hospitals and UPAs throughout the Federal District. After consolidating innovation in health communication, all the Basic Health Units (BHU) are being included within the InfomedApp platform.
The technology was developed and designed by health professionals, nurses and engineers of the highest excellence in information technology.
In order to make available the information of the health units (Hospitals, UPAs and UBS) to the users / community, as well as their participation, that the company included Timeline as a form of mutual communication through geolocation.

The site spent two months testing the application, we can say and attest that the benefits to both management units and users are enormous. For example, if the doctor missed the last minute, and many appointments need to be canceled, it is enough for this, the health unit to inform through the application the cancellation of the medical agenda and subsequent redial date.
With the InfomedApp application you can:
– conduct rapid searches of points of public health care for specialties and distance;
– inform and visualize the waiting room space of the service points in real time;
– monitoring the information on the point of service in real time;
– evaluate the service received;
– share your opinion with the InfomedApp community and with their social networks.
– Access the App with your Facebook account.

Hospitals and private clinics, please wait!

The company Infomed will offer to the users of the private network, within a month, the services of the application to inform and evaluate the attendance, the unit, the services rendered, and the waiting time, thus occurring the rankings of the hospitals and clinics individuals, providing to the agreed ones the excellence in the service to the private health network.